Some Things You Might Do

Lay in bed with a bag of Doritos, listening to R.E.M’s “Everybody Hurts” on repeat.

Take a long walk.

Participate, halfheartedly, in optimistic conversations with coworkers.


Don’t listen.

Dance to Jackson Browne’s “Doctor My Eyes.”

–When a 12 year old Spaniard informs you “the results were caca, mierda, poop.”
–When you overhear a man on the metro saying “the only problem the US has is their vacation times.”
–When the old Spanish dear at the newsstand declares “We have a new president!”

Wonder what’s next?

Light a candle.

Read reactions that are more beautiful and fair than anything you’re capable of producing.

Sit with it.

Take heart, take stock, take a break.

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