A Crash Course on Sponge Cake and The Pancreas

Hey internet people,

I’ve been absent from this corner of the web for a while now. I spent all summer working in and loving jobs that had nothing to do with teaching, while nurturing a nascent love of baking (see above and see also: I love you, Mary Berry). In September I came back to Spain and now it’s ALREADY NOVEMBER AND ALREADY DIABETES AWARENESS MONTH AND I AM LIVING IN ALL.CAPZ!

Fact: I’ve been living with this piece of shit for nineteen years! I am always grateful for my health and for the fact that the nature of my birth and my current residence make it so that I can live life with diabetes without worrying about going bankrupt. Nevertheless, it feels good to recognize certain truths from time to time. Like this one: as enlightening and formative as its been to live with chronic illness for most of my childhood and all of my adulthood, I am capital O, over it. I’d like my carry-on suitcase to be full of normal people things and I’d like for my days off to not include insulin or test strip pick-ups. I’d like to not know about any of this.

But I do know about it. So here I am. Do you have questions? Cool. I might have some answers.

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