18 años con DM1

Si volamos durante un momento al mes de Agosto de 1998, me encontraréis sentada en el asiento trasero del Chevrolet blanco de mis padres, camino al Children’s Hospital de Filadelfia. Allí fue donde me diagnosticaron diabetes tipo 1 y donde pasé unos cuantos días, con mis dedos inexpertos, pinchando la piel fresca de una naranja con una jeringuilla de insulina a modo de entrenamiento.

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A Really Formal (Re)Introduction.

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Seven (!) years have gone by since I last wrote in what was at the time known as The Diabetes Blogosphere (do they still call it that? I don’t know anything).

So who am I? Here’s the short story: I’m half-American, half-Irish and, after living in Spain for quite some time, 100% confused. So although I’ve titled this corner of the internet A Diabetic Abroad, this particular abroad—Spain—is now more like a second home for me than anything else. It’s the place where my twenties are happening, after all. But anyway let’s not get too technical about it; I will never flip a tortilla de patatas with the ease of a true Spaniard.

So, why am I back on the bandwagon? I have many reasons, but let’s discuss 3 of them.

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